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What is a Goldendoodle?

Everything you need to know 


Goldendoodles are an adorable mix between the golden retriever and poodle. They are the perfect combination of good looks, intelligence, and playfulness. 

Goldendoodles make an ideal family dog due to their extreme friendliness and social personality. They vary in fur types, colors, and size, so there's no doubt that you'll be able to find a companion that matches your lifestyle.

Quality goldendoodle puppies in South Carolina

The Goldendoodle is a versatile breed. They are outstanding family dogs that adapt well to most family sizes and settings. They also excel in serving as guide dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs.

Goldendoodle Care and Traits

Lifespan: 10 - 15 years

Coat: Goldendoodles can have a variety of coat types, including wavy, curly, or straight. They often have low-shedding or hypoallergenic coats, making them popular for allergy sufferers.

Temperament: Goldendoodles are often friendly, intelligent, and affectionate. They tend to inherit positive traits from both Golden Retrievers and Poodles, making them great family companions.

Exercise Needs: Their exercise requirements can vary depending on their size and energy level. Generally, they enjoy playtime, walks, and mental stimulation.

Training: Goldendoodles are typically intelligent and eager to please, making them trainable. Positive reinforcement methods work well with them.

Grooming: Grooming needs depend on the coat type. Curlier coats may require more maintenance to prevent matting. Regular brushing and professional grooming are required.

Health: As with any mixed breed, Goldendoodles can inherit health traits from both parent breeds. At Southern Sunset Poodles & Doodles we practice responsible breeding with health testing and regular veterinary care.


Size: Goldendoodles come in various sizes, including Standard, Medium, Miniature (also known as the Mini Goldendoodle), and Toy, depending on the size of the Poodle parent used in breeding. Standards are the largest, typically weighing between 50 and 85 pounds. Mediums weigh between 35 and 50 pounds, Miniatures weigh between 20 and 35 pounds, and toys weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.

Goldendoodle size
Health tested Goldendoodle puppies in South Carolina

Understanding Doodle Generations

Doodle generations can often be confusing for those looking to adopt. Even experienced doodle owners might find the concept difficult to explain.


You may be asking yourself, "What does it all mean?" and, "How might this affect my puppy selection?"


It’s important to understand Doodle generations before selecting a puppy, as it could have an impact on whether a potential puppy is a good match for your family. 


Your Goldendoodle’s ancestry and generation can influence their physical characteristics, personality, and the potential health issues they may be at risk for.

Here is the break down of what these generations mean and how they can impact your puppy selection:

What does the "F" mean?

Every Doodle generation begins with the letter "F".  This F stands for “Filial Hybrid.”  All this means is that the puppy is a hybrid dog that came from two purebred dogs.

F1 - First Generation 

The number following the "F" indicates what generation the puppy is, (i.e.. F1=First Generation, F2= Second Generation, F3 = Third Generation, etc.).

A First Generation Goldendoodle, then, is the result of breeding a purebred Golden Retriever with a purebred Poodle. These Goldendoodles will have a mix of traits from both parent breeds and typically have a wavy coat.

F1B - First Generation Backcross Poodle

The letter "B" stands for "Backcross" and simply means that the puppy has a higher percentage of poodle genetics.

When an F1 Goldendoodle is bred back to a purebred Poodle, the resulting offspring is an F1B Goldendoodle. This is done to enhance certain characteristics of the Poodle, such as hypoallergenic qualities or specific coat types. 

F1BB - First Generation Backcross x 2

When an F1b Goldendoodle is bred back to a pure bred Poodle, the resulting offspring will have a higher percentage of poodle genetics and produce a more hypoallergenic dog.

Multigenerational Goldendoodle

When a Goldendoodle is bred to a Goldendoodle, the resulting puppies are called multigenerational Goldendoodles. Their traits can vary greatly depending on the generation of the parent dogs. At Southern Sunset Poodles & Doodles, we thoroughly evaluate each parent dog to ensure our multigenerational Goldendoodles have the most hypoallergenic coats and lowest shedding possible. Multigenerational Goldendoodles typically have a higher percentage of Poodle genetics, granting more hypoallergenic qualities. However, no one can guarantee any Goldendoodle is completely hypoallergenic or non-shedding since they still have some Golden Retriever genes.

Goldendoodle Generation chart

Addressing "Improper Coat": The breed standard for Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, and Poodles requires “furnishings” (the mustache, beard, and eyebrows look). If a dog lacks the dominant RSPO2 variant (IC), this will cause an ‘Improper Coat’ which is characterized by short hair on the head, face, and legs.

It is important to note that it is impossible to predict whether a litter of puppies will have an improper coat by looking at generation alone. Any doodle generation can produce puppies with an improper coat if one of the parent dogs does not carry both furnishings genes or carries 2 recessive furnishing genes. This is why genetic testing and careful matching of parent dogs is important.

At Southern Sunset Poodles and Doodles, each of our parent dogs undergoes extensive genetic testing through Embark. We then thoughtfully pair dogs based on those results, prioritizing the long-term wellbeing of their offspring. In addition, we confirm our puppies will carry the furnishing gene for a properly furnished coat.

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