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About Southern Sunset
Poodles & Doodles

Farm Raised. Family Owned.

Choosing a trustworthy breeder online can prove challenging. Scams abound, making it difficult to discern legitimate businesses from imposters. Southern Sunset Poodles & Doodles provides a personal, reputable alternative.


As a small, family-run operation based in Honea Path, South Carolina, we take pride in breeding well-adjusted, healthy puppies suited for family life and therapy work. Our dogs are beloved pets first, and we treat each one with the same care we give our own.


For those seeking an ethical, supportive breeder focused on more than profits, look no further. Southern Sunset Poodles & Doodles reflects the warmth of the South through devoted, individualized service from start to finish. Our puppies convey that spirit with affectionate kisses!

At Southern Sunset Poodles and Doodles, we don't just breed high-quality poodles and goldendoodles. We create family members, playmates, and best friends.

The Tollison family with Rex

(Sire of Southern Sunset's first Goldendoodle litter and a really good boy).

Our Mission

To ensure every parent dog in our program is first a family member and pet before a breeding dog

To strategically pair parent dogs for optimal health and temperament

Provide optimal care to all puppies and parent dogs with appropriate veterinary care, training, and socialization

Ensure each puppy is matching with an appropriate individual or family to meet both the needs of the puppy and the family

Provide long-term and ongoing support to all adaptive families and dogs

Our Vision

The vision of Southern Sunset Poodles & Doodles is to produce quality Goldendoodle and Poodle puppies as family companions and service/therapy dog candidates. Our primary focus is health, temperament, and trainability all while maintaining an affordable price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Just the FAQ!"

Q:  Are your parent dogs health tested?

A:  Yes, each of our parent dogs has had extensive genetic testing through Embark and are paired appropriately to ensure the health and long-term wellbeing of their off-spring.

Q:  Where are your puppies born and raised?

A:  Each litter is born in our kitchen and raised in our kitchen and a room directly connected to our kitchen.  By living in our kitchen, they are exposed very early on to our daily routines, sights, and sounds of a household.  This allows frequent socialization with our children, other pets, and visitors in our home.  

Q:  What is Puppy Culture?

A:  Puppy Culture is a positive reinforcement based curriculum developed by a professional dog trainer, breeder, and AKC judge.  It focuses on a puppies critical socialization period, birth to 12 weeks of age.  We utilize Puppy Culture with a goal to provide every puppy the best start in life and help each puppy learn to adapt to stress and become wonderful family pets.

Q:  Are your puppies registered?

A:  Each puppy will come with breed appropriate registration papers.  Our doodles will be registered through the CKC and poodles will be registered through the AKC.

Q:  Can we visit your farm?

A:  Yes, we love visitors and are happy for you to visit, by appointment!  We do limit visitors when we have a new litter of puppies under 6 weeks of age for the health of the puppies and to limit the risk of viruses.  Once the puppies are 6 weeks of age and have received their first immunizations we do allow visits from families who have a deposit placed on a puppy.

Q:  What happens to a puppy if not adopted by 8-10 weeks of age?

A:  Ideally we would love to place all of our puppies in their new homes by 10 weeks of age but we realize that is not always realistic.  Finding the perfect home and ensuring each puppy is matched with the best family is a priority and always takes precedence over quickly placing a puppy.  Each puppy will remain in our home and be treated as our own family pets until the perfect home is found.  

Q:  Do you offer a health guarantee or pet insurance?

A:  Yes, each puppy comes with a 1 year health guarantee against genetic disorders as well as 30 days of pet insurance from Trupanion.   Each puppy will additionally have age appropriate immunizations, deworming, and a veterinarian exam.

Q:  Do you ship puppies?

A:  For the safety of the puppy we do not ship puppies.  We can personally provide transportation.  Cost of delivery varies and we will discuss your specific situation to determine what option will best meet your needs and ensure your puppy arrives safely. 

Q:  What type of life do your parent dogs live and what is a guardian family?

A:  The majority of our parent dogs live in our home and are first and foremost our family pets.  They go camping and on vacation with us and live the life of leisure.  (Often we wish we could be one of our dogs instead of a human)  In order to provide all of our parent dogs with the best life possible, we also utilize guardian families.  Our guardian families are close friends and people we trust to give the dog the best life possible.  They live in the home with their guardian family and are loved and spoiled just like those that live in our home.   Once retired they will remain with their guardian family for the remainder of their lives.

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